About HSC

Hackerspace Charlotte

What is Hackerspace Charlotte?

Hackerspace Charlotte is a non-profit organization where people with common interests, usually in computers, technology, or digital/electronic art can meet, socialize and collaborate. Hackerspace Charlotte can be viewed as a kind of open community lab incorporating elements of a machine shop, workshop, classroom, and studio where all kinds of hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make cool things. Hackerspace Charlotte has members from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering, information security, interdisciplinary art, computer science, music, woodworking, philosophy, and corporate management. The group thrives on the motto: “Making cool stuff with technology.”

That’s great, but what’s a hackerspace?

A hackerspace is an open technology lab, where people who are interested in working on interesting projects can meet and work together. The first hackerspace opened in 1981 in Berlin, Germany. According to hackerspaces.org , there are now more than 350 around the world, of which more than 150 are in the United States.

How do I get to HSC?

OK, take a look at our map, it can only help. We’re at 1111 D Hawthorne Lane in the Aloha lot. If you’re turning off of Central onto Hawthorne Lane it is the building with a rustic porch on the left just after you go under the bridge with a large black and white sign that reads Hackerspace Charlotte. If you’re coming towards central it will be on the right just past/across the street from Barnhardt Manufacturing.